Alessandro is an Italian graphic designer, visual artist and scenographer based in the Netherlands. As an artist, his approach centres on embracing the unexpected and the beauty in visual mistakes. Alessandro is particularly interested in the power of visual storytelling to convey personal stories and experiences. Through his work, he explores themes of identity, memory, and social commentary with a balance between humour and romantic observations. He draws inspiration from his life experiences, cultural encounters, and current events.

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Hey! I just graduated in graphic design from KABK (NL), check my thesis !


+39 3401298666

subdirectory_arrow_right 10 Netherlandish Proverbs in Den Haag (2021)

subdirectory_arrow_right My sweet quarantine-Expectations Vs Reality (2020)

subdirectory_arrow_right CCCP - Valium Tavor Serenase (2020)